Begoña García O.

Begoña García O.

Begoña García is a Costa Rican clinical psychologist who graduated with honors in Psychoanalytic Psychology from the Central American University of Social Sciences. Her passion for helping people find their best version has led her to work with children and adults from different cultures and backgrounds.

Begoña  offers her services for Adentro, developing and facilitating workshops, training sessions, and retreats focused on mental health and well-being, where she shares her knowledge of psychology, psychoanalysis, and the practice of Breathwork and its benefits. Additionally, Begoña offers her services as a psychotherapist at her private office in Barrio Escalante, as well as at  Bellelli School.

Begoña's  love for life and the diversity that is humanity has led her to travel the world, allowing her to experience the reality of many cultures and socioeconomic realities. She has lived and worked in different parts of the world, from Israel, where she volunteered in Kibbutz for one year, to Tamarindo, Guanacaste, where she managed a hotel for five years. Recently, she lived for six years in New York, where she was able to work with an interdisciplinary team facilitating processes of emotional, social, and school development of children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

For Begoña, her multicultural experience has been fundamental in her personal and professional life, and she firmly believes in the value and beauty of difference and individuality. That's why she is committed to being constantly trained, acquiring new knowledge and experiences that allow her to help her patients achieve their full potential and achieve the change they desire.

In addition to her career in clinical psychology, Begoña García has recently expanded her skills and knowledge by becoming a Breathwork Coach at The Whole Health Project (Bali), where she continues to train as a Certified Meditation Teacher. This has allowed her to acquire new tools and skills to help her patients on their path to mental health and physical and emotional well-being.

She also took the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the Mindful Leader Institute in Washington DC, and the Mindfulness for Pain Management Course taught by The Center for Mindfulness at UMass Memorial Health, demonstrating her continuous commitment to training and constant improvement of her skills as a professional. With these new skills and knowledge, Begoña is prepared to help her patients face life's challenges with a broader perspective and an open mind.

Begoña García is a committed, passionate, and empathetic clinical psychologist whose multicultural experience and broad training allow her to provide high-quality services to her patients. Her focus on mental health and well-being, coupled with her commitment to change, makes her a highly valued professional in her field.