Attention, presence and healthy mind

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Adentro is a platform that offers mental health services in the areas of clinical psychology and Mindfulness in Costa Rica. Both seek the wellbeing of people so that they can reach an instrospective process that will enable them to live a richer, balanced and happier life. If you wish to schedule a psychological appointment please fill this form.

Mindfulness is every person's capacity to pay attention to the present moment. With directed and intentional attention, a natural process develops, which enables anyone to live in the present day to day. Bringing this full awareness through the senses the mind is trained and the brain changes, leading us to processing of our thoughts and emotions in a new way, a healthier and harmonious way.

Mindfulness meditaion is a way to explore and "clean" our thoughts and emotions —usually loaded with distractions and stress. In the West, research as proven it brings benefits to emotional and physical health.

Benefits of meditation:

Reduction of stress, anxiety and their associated symptoms (insomnia, fatigue, body pain, etc).
Enhancement of your state of mind and managing of difficult emotions
Strengthens the immune system
Increases happiness and resilience 
Favors communication, concetration, learning and interpersolan relationships
Science and experience have prooven that when cultivating Mindfulness there are direct benefits to your health, relationships, work and happiness. 

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Our classes can be used in working, education as well as personal contexts.

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Mindfulness for living

Adentro has different sets of classes. Some of the areas we work with are:

  • Foundations and benefits of Mindfulness
  • Inhabit a space of introspection and emotional wellbeing
  • Mindfulness for dealing with stress and difficult situations
  • Comunication and interpersonal relationships
  • The body-mind relationship and it's effects
  • Mindfulness applied to work environments

Mindfulness for children

Adentro has classes specifically designed for children. Our focus is for them to develop a healthy relationship with their mind and emotions, learning in this way to live as they develop resilience, empathy and self compassion.

Mindfulness in childhood is a fundamental practice that will be with them all their lives.

Mindfulness for adults

Class Modality 1- Basic practice Mindfulness workshop - 2 sessions

A space to break from the stressful daily routine, where we will develop the practice of formal and informal Mindfulness. This class is characterized by it's highly practical component. It's aimed for beginners as well as Mindfulness practitioners who want to deepen their practice. No previous experience is required.

Class Modality 2 - A theoretical-practical workshop - 8 sessions

This class teaches theoretical and practical tools to be used in daily living. Informal as well as formal exercises are learned, all going hand in hand with theory that supports all subjects being developed.

We work during 8 sessions (of 2 hours each), under the guidance of a professional that guides the group in the process. The length of the class allows for the theoretical aspects to enrich the practice sessions. A space is available for participants to evaluate what they're learning during class and express their questions as well as other emotions that may arise during the instrospection process.

Class Modality 3- Mindfulness at work

The sessions have been designed for business groups, that wish to ensure a place for their teams to develop conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, attentive communication, and learn techniques that improve interpersonal relationships as well as stress management.

These meetings arise from the need to address mental health and well-being within the work context, in order to ensure that employees have the necessary resources to lead the challenges that occur in their day to day. In the face of ever-increasing pressure and constant change that characterizes the modern world we live in, emotional capacities are fundamental to achieving personal and business success. Contact us to schedule an appointment.